Groove Radio 96.3 is a radio station in Young and Dumb. The station mainly plays funk and disco, and is hosted by Emma Sweet.

Description Edit

"With such luscious beats played all night long, this station proves that Funk is still very much alive in the music industry." -OliCoon's YouTube Channel

Groove Radio 96.3 is a funk and disco radio station located in Hollywood. It is hosted by Emma Sweet, a woman who was prominent in the LA funk scene in the 1980's. Groove Radio 96.3 is a known competitor with Club Radio, which is a pop station. It is mentioned that Groove Radio is a sister station to Oldskool FM.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for Groove Radio 96.3 can be found here.

Development Edit

Groove Radio 96.3 was originally Star FM, an R&B radio station.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Ms. Fokku's favorite station. Chloe, however, dislikes this station.
  • This station might be based on KHHT 92.3.

See Also Edit

  • Oldskool FM, a station that plays old-school hip hop, and is the sister station to Groove Radio 96.3.
  • Club Radio, a station that also plays R&B, amongst other things.
  • $wag $tation 101.6, another station that plays R&B, amongst other things.
  • Gangbang Radio, the original sister station of Groove Radio 96.3.