Oldskool FM is a radio station in Young and Dumb. The station plays old-school hip hop, and is hosted by The King.

Description Edit

"We're back in the age of bright colours and bad haircuts with this station! The King takes you back to a decade when rap wasn't about high life or the cold city streets, but  about partying and having a good time." -OliCoon's YouTube Channel

Oldskool FM is a hip hop radio station located in Los Angeles. It is hosted by The King, a semi-famous DJ in the 1980's. Club Radio is a known competitor with $wag $tation 101.6, which is a modern hip hop station, compared to Oldskool's classic raps. It is mentioned that Oldskool FM's sister station is Groove Radio 96.3.

Playlist Edit

The Playlist for Oldskool FM can be found here.

Development Edit

Oldskool FM was originally known as Royal Raps in development. The station focused more on golden-age hip hop. Around the same time, another radio station, Gangbang Radio, a 90's west coast rap station, was also in development. Gangbang was dropped during development, and Royal turned into Oldskool.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Milton's favorite station, while Mr. Davis and Oliver don't mind it.
  • This station is based on 93.5 KDAY , which plays "back in the day" rap.
  • Although the description states that the songs do not address topics such as urban decay or street life, songs like "It's Like That" and "The Message" do in fact address these topics.

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