Radio Hollywood is a radio station featured in Young and Dumb. The station plays alternative and indie rock, and is hosted by Kenny Hill.

Description Edit

"Radio Hollywood is a hipster rock station broadcast from Hollywood Boulevard. This radio station is a favourite amongst many youths, and is one of the most successful hipster stations in the country." -OliCoon's YouTube channel

Radio Hollywood is an alternative rock radio station located in Hollywood. It is hosted by Kenny Hill, a dimwitted hipster who claims to know everything. The radio station is a known competitor with fellow alternative rock station Planet Alternative 90.5, which broadcasts 1990's alternative and grunge in comparison to Radio Hollywood's hipster-style alternative. Radio Hollywood also has competition with Underground FM, despite it not being a legitimate radio station.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for Radio Hollywood can be found here.

Development Edit

The idea of a hipster rock station was heavily inspired by a radio station in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV . The in-game radio station Radio Broker served as a main source of inspiration. The hipster culture is also pretty big in the Greater Los Angeles area, and so OliCoon decided to add the station. ACR 103.5 was cut as a result of Radio Hollywood's addition.

Trivia Edit

  • Jason seems to favor this station. Oliver, Michael, and Chloe also seem to like the station.
  • Radio Hollywood seems to be based off of radio station KXLU, with influences from KROQ. It is also based off of Sirius XM stations Alt Nation, which plays new alternative rock, and Sirius XMU , which plays indie rock. 

See Also Edit

  • Planet Alternative 90.5, a radio station that also plays alternative rock and grunge from the 1990's.
  • Underground FM, a radio station that plays punk rock and plays another song by Green Day.
  • 97.8 KBIR, a radio station that plays classic and pop rock.
  • Atlas Radio, a radio station that also plays post-punk, amongst other genres.
  • ACR 103.5, a cut radio station that played adult contemporary that Radio Hollywood replaced.