Satellite FM was a radio station that was meant to appear in Young and Dumb. It would have played ambient and new-age music, and was removed for unknown reasons. It was partially replaced by Five Lines FM.

Description Edit

"This station would have played some of the best ambient music to relieve that stress. Cut because of reducing and the fact that ambient stations don't exist in the actual greater LA area." -Y&D Beta Youtube Channel

Satellite FM was to be a new-age station.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for Satellite FM can be found here.

Development Edit

Satellite FM was developed as a replacement for Radio-Active. It was influenced by Grand Theft Auto IV radio stations The Journey and Self-Actualization FM, even borrowing songs from the stations. It was dropped for unknown reasons, besides reducing and that there were no new-age stations in the Los Angeles area.

Trivia Edit

  • This station would have been liked by Oliver and Mr. Bra.
  • This is one of the few radio stations with no influences.

See Also Edit

  • Five Lines FM, another station that plays "relaxing music", but in the form of jazz, and partially replaced this station.
  • Club Radio, another station that plays electronic music, but in the form of pop and dance.
  • Radio-Active, a cut radio station that this station replaced, and likely also played electronic music.