Swag Station 101.6 (stylized as $wag $tation 101.6) is a radio station in Young and Dumb. The station plays modern hip-hop and is hosted by Little D.

Description Edit

"Ah, the sounds of fat black guys speaking about money and bitches. Yes, this station plays only the best modern rap, where everybody's a sellout." -OliCoon's YouTube channel

Swag Station 101.6 is a hip hop radio station located in Inglewood. It is hosted by Little D, a former gang member who since went on to release several gold records. The radio station is a known competitor with fellow hip-hop station Oldskool FM, which broadcasts old-school hip hop in comparison to Swag Station's modern hip hop. It is mentioned that Club Radio is a sister station to Swag Station 101.6.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for Swag Station can be found here.

Development Edit

Swag Station 101.6 was one of the original 9 radio stations that was created for the show. There are surprisingly no changes to the station whatsoever.

Trivia Edit

  • This station is favored by Nathan and Mr. Davis. Milton and Bella also seem to like this station.
  • The station may be based off of Real 92.3 or Power 106, which are modern hip-hop stations in Los Angeles.
  • Little D is slang for a small penis.

See Also Edit

  • Oldskool FM, another hip hop station that plays old-school hip hop.
  • Club Radio, sister station to Swag Station 101.6 and also plays R&B, hip hop, and house music, amongst others.
  • Gangbang Radio, a beta station that played 90's west coast hip hop and would have prominently featured other songs by Dr. Dre.
  • Groove Radio 96.3, another station that plays R&B, amongst other things.