Trance Radio is a radio station featured in Young and Dumb. As its name suggests, it plays trance music, and is hosted by Klaus Uberstein.

Description Edit

"All the way from Europe, DJ Klaus Uberstein brings the sounds of Scandanavia, along with some other beats he picked up on the way, to the American public." -OliCoon's YouTube channel

Trance Radio is a radio station located in Corona, CA that plays trance music. The music is mainly from independent or small-time artists. The station is hosted by Klaus Uberstein, an independent trance artist from Germany. The station has competiton with Club Radio.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for Trance Radio can be found here.

  • UnderWaterBeats - Forever (2013)
  • DJ Harmonics - Everdream (2013)
  • DJ Kestutis - Uplifting Trance (2013)
  • UnderWaterBeats - Delete! (2013)
  • MuLexic & Nekihirst - Sapphire Shine (2015)
  • Darude - Sandstorm (1999)
  • Groundbreaking - The Bonnie Song (2015)
  • Kid2Will - Fire Aura (2007)
  • kirja100 - Spring Tune (2011)

Development Edit

After the transition of Club Radio from techno to pop, Trance Radio was created to fill the gap.

Trivia Edit

  • The song Darude - Sandstorm is a popular internet meme, often used as a response to a comment asking for a song name. OliCoon mentioned that he added this song "because it was funny".
  • The description references how trance music is a popular genre in Europe, notably Finland. Two of the artists, Darude and UnderWaterBeats, are in fact from Finland. The artist MuLexic and the DJ, Klaus Uberstein, are from Germany, where trance music originated. Nekihirst, kirja100, and DJ Kestutis are from Hungary, Estonia, and the Netherlands respectively, where trance music is also popular.
    • However, the station also features North American music, with DJ Harmonics being Canadian and Kid2Will and Groundbreaking being American.

See Also Edit

  • Club Radio, another station that plays electronic music, but in the form of dance, pop, and EDM.
  • Radio-Active, a cut station that likely played electronic music.