XFM was a radio station that was meant to appear in Young and Dumb. It would play alternative metal, but was replaced by Planet Alternative 90.5 and Underground FM.

Description Edit

"This station would have played some of the finest alternative metal in the county. Cut because of reducing and the fact that metal stations like this don't exist in the actual greater LA county. Partially replaced by Underground FM and Planet Alternative 90.5." -Y&D Beta's YouTube channel

XFM was developed alongside 97.8 KBIR and Radio Hollywood. XFM was to be the metal station, playing alternative and nu metal songs from the 1990's and the 2000's. However, Planet Alternative 90.5 was later developed, and ended up replacing XFM, with Underground FM now being the edgiest rock station.

Apparently, the station was cut to reduce radio station numbers, and that there are no actual metal stations in the LA area.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for the station can be found here.

Development Edit

XFM was initially developed as a metal station, however, unlike the nu metal it's final playlist was, it originally was a heavy metal/thrash metal station.

Trivia Edit

  • This station would have been Kenneth's favorite station.
  • The station could have been based on , an internet radio station that plays punk and metal. It also might be based off of the former 105.5 KNAC , a metal station active in Long Beach from 1986 to 1995, however lives on as an internet radio station.
    • Despite what the description says, the Temecula, CA station Q103.3 is an active hard rock station that plays songs by artists seen here.

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